Welcome to The Becoming Collective

Be yourself. Do work that you believe in. Reconnect with OT together.

Here is a story about a person who wanted to become an OT (maybe you can relate?): 

There was a person who wanted to make life better for others and to contribute in a positive way in their work and to the world. They decided to study occupational therapy

During their studies they learn't the underlying principles of OT being focussed on seeing the whole person in their world, working alongside with clients in their journey and having occupation central to the work. This was layered with other skills and specialities throughout the study before finally they could graduate and begin to do the work that they were so excited to do. 

It was exciting to begin with, but over time it became less energising and a few years down the track they began wondered things like 'is this even OT?' and 'what am I even doing?'. The worlds that they worked in asked of them to take the expert role and to impart recommendations. It made it more challenging to focus on the whole person. It made it more difficult to do the work they believe they should be doing. The more time they spent in these worlds the further they drifted away from working in ways that aligned with the way that they envisioned work when they were energised by occupational therapy. 

It led attending training after training to try and fill that void to be good enough in the search for the magic fix. Over time, it became clear that there was no training that was going to fill that particular void. So now, the work was just work. They would continue to turn up because they felt they should or that they needed to,  until finally they couldn't take it any more and they left the profession to do support work...

This doesn't need to be your story. There is a reason that you believed in OT (or perhaps still do). We need to continue to do training but also importantly we need to stay connected to the foundations of what it means to be an OT. We do this through community. Community conversations, themes, questions, support, connections and sharing. As OTs we know the power of environment. Make the decision to change yours.

There is unbelievable power in finding your people and being surrounded by positive environments...

Our purpose is to get you back to doing work that you believe in. 

What you'll see below is what the community and offering looks like right now but with this purpose in mind, we will listen, adapt and change what we do in order to help you to achieve this. 

So join The Becoming Collective if you want:

✨ To feel seen, heard, valued, celebrated, inspired and supported by other kind, curious and courageous OTs who want to feel fulfilled and connected to their work. 

🤿 To go deeper into what it means to be an OT. You won't find a bunch of strategies and hacks. You'll find people who believe in the occupational therapy and who want to explore, understand and practice to deliver better services that support their clients.

🌱 To reconnect with the thing that led you to become an OT in the first place. We double down on what it means to truly client-centred, how we can do strengths-based work and what it means to lead with identity. 

What you'll see inside The Becoming Collective

As I put this into words I am realising that I am unable to communicate impact of a strong and connected community. This isn't just another training where you come and go, this is a community whereby we are going to carry each other to the places that we want to go. This is a place where we can do, be, belong and become so that create a world that we want to see, together. It will inspire you and fill in the gaps that you have been seeking to fill with all those other trainings over the years. 

You'll be supported to reconnect with ways of working that feel right for you. 

You'll be surrounded by kind, curious and courageous OTs doing amazing things. 

This is a place where you'll be seen, heard and valued. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" - Margaret Mead

About Me

I am a proud occupational therapist but I have also been an OT who has been seeking understanding and connection, fighting off that imposter syndrome, that doubt, those thoughts of 'is this even OT' and searching for that magic fix that has all the answers. 

In my journey, I have worked in various sectors (not-for-profit, private and government), I worked with children and families in the home, clinics, community, pools (aquatic therapy) and nature-based therapy. I have done trainings on Play Therapy, Marte Meo, Circle of Security among many more. The gap has never been filled, whilst I have felt more equipped that longing feeling keeps on coming back.  

But I am not willing to let the feeling go that OT has something to offer the world that is unique and powerful and is the reason why I have keep on searching. 

I have come to the conclusion that occupational therapy is complex, dynamic and challenging. That we tend to search the surface for answers elsewhere rather than leaning in and going deeper, into the uncomfortable and unknown in order to save face and feel like an expert. 

But ultimately, I have realised that our secret superpower is in fact the thing that we have been chasing away. Imposter Syndrome, curiosity, doubt. We want to hide our 'unknowing' because it feels fraudulent, it feels uncomfortable and it feels like we should be the expert. 

And that we are the experts at something. We are the experts at listening, at understanding, at seeing a person where they are and working together to explore what the next steps and solution might be. And to do that well, we need to have doubt and curiosity, we need to assume that we don't have the answers. So let's reframe, we aren't imposters but we are OTs who are client-centred and identity-led, who don't have the answers but are pretty bloody good at understanding, planning and collaborating. Let's own this beautiful part of who we are.

For me, this is what The Becoming Collective is about. It is about how we can get confident, connected and remain curious in our role as OTs. To avoid getting sucked into this medical model, deficit-focussed and competence-centric way of working that we are often surrounded by. 

So I am here, to keep becoming as an OT and as a human so that I can contribute to my clients, my community and the world. 

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A Big Thanks

I am so grateful for occupational therapy and where it has taken me AND I am so excited to continue on the journey. A massive thank you for those who have contributed the both the growth of the profession and that of my own journey. 

Thanks to the OTs who have stayed strong in working hard to see, hear and value those who they work with and need that in their journey. 

And a big thanks to those joining us in The Belonging Collective. I am so excited to see what we can do together. 


Got questions? Email [email protected].. Otherwise, we look forwards to seeing you on the inside. 

And for those wondering, why would I pay for this when there are free groups on Facebook? 

Whilst we know that Facebook groups can be valuable, The Becoming Collective will go deeper, in terms of relationships and learning. There are a bunch of reasons why we opted for a paid Mighty Networks (the host platform) group versus a free Facebook group. Here are a few:

  • When you are on Facebook you are the product, whether it be due to Facebook tracking you then advertising or being part of a community that has the end goal to sell you something.
  • Facebook's goal is distraction, it hopes to keep new interested with the next shiny thing to keep you there jumping from one thing to another for as long as possible. Our community is aiming for focus. Our sole aim is to helping you in achieving your hopes and dreams. For me, that feels worth paying for.  
  • Good things cost money. When you pay money it means someone is able to invest more time and energy into delivering something of value to you. We are here to serve you (rather than feeling like someone is trying to sell me something, which is often how I feel in Facebook groups)
  • Investment helps with accountability. By paying money for this, you are making a statement to yourself that you are planning to take actions to change things. Research suggests when you pay for something you are money likely to pay it attention (except perhaps for Facebook but thats only. because they have genius algorithms that make the app chocolate for our brains).
How will live events work with timezones?

At this early stage, live events will be hosted during daylight and time friendly for people in Australia. This will mostly be lunchtime sessions (e.g. 11am - 1pm), as we learn member preferences and needs, we will shift and adapt these.